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Famous "Liberty Leading the People" Mondale Ferraro Poster

Famous "Liberty Leading the People" Mondale Ferraro Poster

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Based on the famous painting about the French Revolution by Eugene Delacroix, this popular poster shows Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale carrying the Equal Rights Amendment banner while his Vice Presidential choice, Geraldine Ferraro, leads everyone on to victory. While that was not to be, whoever produced this gave us one of the classic election posters of the 1980's. At 19 inches x 25 inches this has some edge wear in the white border around it that would matt out during framing, (not bad),and has staple or tack holes in each corner. It has an unusual disclaimer "Montana Citizens for Liberty etc" showing that it came out of Missoula, Montana and was printed in Bozeman. Do you realize how few national campign items come out of Montana?

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